Pink Lemonade

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July 15, 2013 by imustseeaman

I cannot believe Dewey drank a whole half a bottle of that shit. Because if he did, he must’ve found Jesus.

This movie sux
I’ve lost art. Hope I find it soon. But maybe I can find it. Maybe it just takes action; the obliteration of catharsis. The instant my limbs recover, beauty rears her ugly face through a tunnel of neuron prostitutes, each sliding tender forms across spiritual strings, hairs of life, the product of smoldering, blinding, massive, black holes of Nihil–stars swim with God.

Climb out now. Autobiographies are self centered. Music is fun and people are flawed. Spiders are wrong and ants have society. Time to do the twist…

The Crow is still well and alive he flies round n’ round downtown on the coat tails of dat ol brown cow now WOW how now cow do you do dat hat trick with your fat dick and that sick twist. You turned that branding stick back on me. I guess that’s the logic behind those tats.

And much love from the pink lemonade.


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